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Sheffield Bathrooms

Sheffield is usually what you think of when someone mentions South Yorkshire, why? Because it’s the life and soul of the county. Home to large businesses, great sports team and even better entertainment.

In between of Sheffield and Doncaster is Mexborough, a small village which is where our showroom is based out of, come in and see some of the magnificent displays we can offer. Our specialised team will be there to discuss what you want to do with your sheffield bathrooms.

You may not realise this but a bathroom is the place where you prepare to face most of life’s obstacles, brushing your teeth, shaving, washing, all this is done in a bathroom. Big job interview? Your bathrooms are the place you will spend the time before it.

The Platinum Interiors team has an excellent understanding of what people are looking for in a bathroom. They know what is stylish, they know what people like and they use this knowledge to ensure every customer is satisfied with the bathroom provided to them by our specialists.

Not only do we ensure that the plans are detailed and designed to your every wish, but the designs we produce are done using our specialised software, this allows us to provide you with high quality designs for a high-quality job.

Don’t let your old bathrooms let you down, run a bath and let us do the work for you – Call 01709 588822 for more information.

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